How to use OneNote with Word & PowerPoint

Tutorial Dec 21, 2011

The Linked Notes feature comes into its own if you want to make notes on documents that other people send you. Here’s how to take advantage.

Carrying on our project, let’s start by writing up our findings in Word as a short report. The key here is OneNote’s Linked Notes feature.

1)  LINK WORD TO ONENOTE: Launch Word and go to the Review tab (this feature isn’t in Word Starter). At the far right is a Linked Notes button. This won’t work until you’ve saved, so name your file – in our example, Dodo Project – then click Linked Notes. You’re asked to choose the OneNote page you want to link to, which should be in Recent Picks. Here we want the Miscellaneous section. Click the “+” next to Dodo Project under All Notebooks; click Miscellaneous, then OK.

2)  SCRAWL AS YOU GO: You can now start creating a report in Word. There are bound to be things you want to check while you write, but it makes sense to make a quick note of these for later rather than interrupting your flow. Name the OneNote page “Things to check”, then write these down as you go. When you’ve finished your first draft, you can run through the checklist. Just hover your mouse over the note until the small blue Word icon appears, then click this: you’ll be taken to the precise point in the Word document where you were when you made the notes.

3)  LINK A PRESENTATION: Linked Notes works the same way in PowerPoint. Open a presentation, then press the Linked Notes button (again on the Review tab). It’s a powerful tool when you want to make notes on a presentation someone else has sent you, especially if you take advantage of tags. For example, tag something as a question while you review the document, then collate all the questions at the end.

4)  PRINT TO ONENOTE: The other way to share work between PowerPoint, Word and OneNote is via Print to OneNote, in the Backstage view of each program. Go to File | Print, then select Send To OneNote 2010 as your “printer”. Once you select a destination within OneNote, for example Dodo Project | Miscellaneous, it will appear in a new page as a print-out. Note that the print-out is effectively a picture object within the OneNote page, but you can choose to extract the text by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy Text from All the Pages of the Printout”.